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The Vertix Ergonomic Mouse

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This Ergonomic Mouse Protects Your Wrist & Nerves From Pressure And Strain


Regular mice were designed decades ago, for short term use. They keep the arm in an unnatural pronounced state - causing the bones in the forearm to twist and place pressure on nerves and muscles in the arm, wrist and hand.

Rototating your hand flat with a regular mouse causes you to internally rotate your shoulder, increasing the tension in your shoulder.

Also keeping your hand constantly resting on the underside of the wrist places unnecessary stress and pressure on muscles and nerves which can lead to;

Repetitive Strain Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Posture problems
Neck and Shoulder pain
And Even Trigger Head Aches

Our VertIx mouse keeps the arm in a neutral, relaxed position allowing free blood flow and not causing any discomfort.

Compatible With Every PC/Laptop

Made of premium, safe and comfortable materials.

Try yours and notice the difference immediately!

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